- Lesley & Jason

Kim's photos captured the

of our special celebration.

spirit, life, and breadth

- Kendra & David

Kim made me feel both

in front of the camera.

comfortable and beautiful

Kim’s photography is not only beautiful, it is full of memory and emotion. Her photos were not simply a documentary of the day, they captured the spirit, life and breathe of our special weekend. When I look over them I am immediately transported to that day and through her skill, able to feel the joy in my heart as deeply as I did in that moment. Upon reviewing our photos I was amazed to see so many precious moments I would have missed otherwise. The proud look on a parent’s face as they stood behind us, the boisterous laughter shared among a group of friends I don’t see nearly enough Her passion for her art is profound, and was a priceless benefit to us! Her skill behind the lens is only matched by her infectious joyous spirit that puts you at ease. If you are searching for a photographer with an uncanny ability to capture all the seen and unseen special moments of your event, look no further.

Lesley & Jason

"Her photos captured the spirit, life, and breadth of our special weekend."

“We could not have asked for a better photographer than Kim. She was wonderful at the ceremony and reception. At times I had forgotten she was there as she did such a good job of being unobtrusive while still being able to get so many good candid photos of us and our guests. Everyone felt so comfortable with her my father even thought she was a guest at the wedding, just one of our friends from college! My favorites are the photos she caught of my husband and I when we thought no one was looking. These are beautiful, non-staged photos that will bring us right back to that very moment, which is exactly what we wanted in a photographer. The day goes by so quickly and for her to capture our favorite moments for us to revisit for years to come is truly a gift.”

Melinda & Derek

"For her to capture our favorite moments for us to revisit for years to come is truly a gift."

"While we had seen her work online and appreciated her ability to capture the candid moments, it wasn’t until our engagement session that we got full appreciation of her truly special style. It’s always an awkward first moment to step in front of the camera, but her easy demeanor and fun-loving personality put us completely at ease. I turned to her for ideas on florals and absolutely fell in love with her suggestions. Fast forward to our wedding, Kim was there with us for every moment that we would have wanted captured to remember forever. Best of all, the entire wedding party loved her as much as we did, making the photo sessions yet another hilarious time together. From formal portraits to unscripted moments to breathtaking landscapes, Kim perfectly captured the essence of our wedding. Having been extremely picky about the photography above all the other wedding planning details, both my husband I feel truly blessed that Kim was the genius behind the lens on our big day."

Liz & Dale

"Kim perfectly captured the essence of our wedding."

"I'm so thankful for Kim. She helped make our wedding day easy, stress free and fun. She did everything so professionally and excellently, but I never felt like she was working simply to get good photos, rather I felt that she genuinely cared about me, David and our families. She had a vision for the photos that she wanted to capture but very intentionally kept our voices, character, and who we are central to that vision. Though the wedding day got hectic at times, Kim was at peace and happy to take the lead, so people felt safe with her and nothing felt out of control or chaotic. Kim made me feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera, which was exactly what I wanted on my wedding day. On top of that, the photos turned out simply amazing!”

Kendra & David

"Kim made me feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera."

“Selecting Kim to shoot our big day ended up being one of the best decisions we made! Mostly, I am appreciative of her patience and for being a calm presence when things started getting a little rushed. Beyond her professionalism, Kim has exquisite taste and a keen eye for beauty and candor. She captured so many lovely pictures of each phase of our wedding. During the reception she was both everywhere and nowhere-like a photo ninja- so that we had tons of candid photos without even realizing that she was taking pictures! Kim was an incredible photographer and if you have any doubts, let them go and book her now!”

Nikki & Chris

"Kim has exquisite taste and a keen eye for beauty and candor."



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