Floral creations, by nature, do not last and are all the more precious because of it, each color and bloom carefully and thoughtfully chosen. It is such a joy for me to be able to capture these gorgeous works in true to life colors that honor the vision, the story, and the artist behind the creation.

I'm available to photograph workshops, 1:1 mentorships, branding, and editorials.

"Stay close to people who feel like                  


There's a quote I love that says "Stay close to people who feel like sunshine" and florists are always those people! Incredibly passionate about not only what they do and what they create, but also about the WHY and the story behind their creations.  I have witnessed florists weep openly when viewing the beautiful array of flowers gathered for them to use throughout a workshop and THAT is the kind of passion that I want to surround myself with.  

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learn from kim how to make your daily Phone Photos of your work look legit!

A Guide to learning the tools and the how-to behind taking your own phone photos of your work. Elevate your imagery and elevate your brand with just a few simple moves!

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"Finally, a course full of practical advice from a professional photographer designed specifically for floral designers!"

"This course is efficient and easy to reference over and over again. It's worth every penny to learn the tools you can immediately implement in your business"

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"Knowing how to take consistently usable images of your work is a game changer and Kim is passionate about teaching floral designers to do just that!"


"Capturing your work as a florist is PARAMOUNT - the best way to bring in new business is to show what you've done with dynamic images."


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After nearly a decade of photographing weddings, I've discovered how to capture your most authentic moments with an elevated touch.  Embrace your day with confidence, and sink into each second.  I'll capture the seen and unseen, the big moments, and the in-between moments. 

But above all, I'll photograph the moments that truly matter... The ones you get caught up in and will want to re-live over and over again.


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