There's a quote I love that says "Stay close to people to who feel like sunshine" and florists are always those people!  Incredibly passionate about not only what they do and what they create, but also about the WHY and the story behind their creations. I have witnessed florists weep openly when viewing the beautiful array of flowers gathered for them to use throughout a workshop and THAT is the kind of passion that I want to surround myself with. Floral creations, by nature, do not last and are all the more precious because of it, each color and bloom carefully and thoughtfully chosen. It is such a joy for me to be able to capture these gorgeous works in true to life colors that honor the vision, the story, and the artist behind the creation. I'm available to photograph workshops, 1:1 mentorships, editorials, and for visual brand strategy sessions: curating the imagery representing your brand and align it with your unique vision.

Floral workshop photography

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Photography For Florists

A Guide to creating beautiful photos of your work & crafting a consistent visual image for your brand

2020 Launch dates coming soon!